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Knowledge Business Blueprint Review:

  • Product Name: The KBB Method – Knowledge Business Blueprint & MindMint Software
  • Developers: Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson
  • Verdict: 99%
  • >>> Official Website Access Link


Hello, fellow mastermind or more precisely, mastermind enthusiast. We are here to give you an exposition of a product that could revolutionize the way you run your mastermind group. Two great minds that have been in the business for years have come up with what they call MindMint Software and The KBB Method Course.

The creators of the software claim theirs is the first ever course and software to educate people on how they can run high impact and high profits mastermind. Stay with us as we dig deeper into the program to find out if it can deliver as per the claims of its developers.

From the information we already have at the time of writing this KBB Method course review, it could be what you need to give life to your struggling mastermind group.

What are MindMint Software and the Knowledge Business Blueprint?

Walk-though of the Members area:


First, let us point out that these are two products each having its own distinctive feature. However, they work together in harmony to power mastermind groups into highly profitable ventures.

MindMint software is a computer program designed by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi to help you to start an impact-laden and economically healthy mastermind group just like the ones they have been running for decades.

A quick lookup of these to names reveals they are a force to reckon with in the mastermind ventures. They claim to have spent up to haft a million dollars to ensure they designed one of its kind mastermind software that’s foolproof.

Going by the main features of this unique software, we believe these guys have gotten it right. We will discuss the features later.The software automatically generates agendas and plans for powerful mastermind groups regardless of whether it is online or in-person.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB method), on the other hand, is a course or training tool developed by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and third mastermind named Russel Brunson. Brunson is a business magnet well known for his impressively successful mastermind known as Inner Cycle.

KBB trains you how to create, fill, run and get maximum gains from high-impact virtual or in-person masterminds. You will soon find out more about the features that make this course a must have for anyone looking for success with the mastermind group.

Who are Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russel Brunson?

If you are worried about the credibility of any product, look at the people behind its development. In case they are credible, there is no way they can give you a sham program meant to hoodwink you into spending your hard earned money for nothing.

Luckily, Tony, Dean, and Russel are big names in the US and around the globe because of their financial successes and integrities. Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, best-selling author and one of the most sought after life and business strategist. He has spent over 4 decades supporting others to create success and fulfillment.

Dean Graziosi is also a highly decorated entrepreneur, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. He is also a powerful businessman who has runs a multimillion business venture that also includes highly profitable masterminds. His credibility is not questionable.

Russel Brunson may not be part of the MindMint software, but he is pivotal in the creation of The Knowledge Business Blueprint course. He has gathered a following of over a million entrepreneurs and the name behind the famous sales funnels as well as several bestselling books. He is also a member of the highly successful Inner Cycle mastermind group.

Features of the MindMint software

As we promised, MindMint software has performance-oriented features that can inject life into your mastermind group. Tony and Dean used their extensive experience in the business world to include what they think masterminds usually get wrong in their quest to run a successful and profitable group.

Here are the main features of this mastermind software:

•Guidelines for mastermind groups

For a mastermind group to run efficiently, members must meet, generate an agenda for each meeting, brainstorm issues, set goals, and evaluate the performance of the group. Sometimes, these logistics can be overwhelming. The MindMint software offers you guidance on how to do these things in harmony for success.

•A step-by-step formula for success

Running a mastermind group is never easy. You need skill, inspiration, determination, and strategic planning among other abilities. Combining these and applying them for the success of your mastermind can be difficult. You need a formula that works. MindMint software offers you that formula is a step-by-step fashion so that you can find it easy to implement.

•Approaches to creating a mastermind

To create a successful mastermind, you have to identify the ideal makeup for your group. You also need to choose members wisely. Other things involved in developing a mastermind group include creating ground rules, setting frequency and structure and coming up with a framework on how you will achieve your goals.

These things can be hectic if you do not get help. MindMint software offers you a straightforward approach that will help you develop an impactful and highly profitable mastermind group. No mastermind software we are aware of has managed to do this.

•Processes to get outcomes within the mastermind

Bringing like-minded people together, setting agendas, and brainstorming issues and ideas are not enough to guarantee a mastermind desirable results. As a leader, it’s incumbent upon you to find ways to get results within the group. MindMint program offers you proven strategies you can use to obtain the kind of results expected from a successful mastermind.

•Policies that you can apply immediately to your group

This feature is for you if you currently have a mastermind group and you are looking for new strategies to make it flourish. MindMint software provides you with several strategies that are simple to apply regardless of how far you have gone with your group. Even if you are facing an imminent failure, these strategies could turn things around.

Features of the KBB Method – Knowledge Business Blueprint

The software and the KBB course are like two sides of a coin. While they are distinct resources, they are part of the same thing. The features of this training tutorial are meant to complement those of the MindMint software.

The course has four different modules each meant to deal with an aspect of running a successful mastermind. The sections contain various tips, tricks, tutorials, secrets, and strategies for success. Here is what each module offers:

•The Extraction Module

Here, Tony Robbins reveals to you the secret behind his success with masterminds. He teaches you how you can extract what you know for the benefit of your group. As you may know, masterminds use brainstormed ideas to get avenues for success. If you can extract what each member knows, you can be sure you’ll never run out of great ideas that help your group be impactful and profitable.

•Filling Module

The KBB course provides you with marketing strategies that have been proven to work in filling the seats, getting paid and repeating it as long as you deem necessary. The policies are the same ones that Tony, Dean, and Russel have been using to enjoy their multimillion masterminds.

•Running Module

This module works in tandem with the MindMint software to give you proven tools and walks you systematically through the process of running your mastermind. It delivers an unmatchable experience, so people keep paying you each year.



•The Knowledge Broker Module

This last module is designed for people who are not experts in masterminds and therefore have no confidence in running their own. It is referred to as a knowledge broker because you will learn how to facilitate a mastermind for somebody else and get paid handsomely for it. Come on, who wouldn’t want that?

How Will You Benefit From MindMint Software And KBB Course?

We have discussed the features of these two programs separately. When they come together for your mastermind group, results can be insanely great.

You’ll have everything you need to brainstorm, get ideas and set goals for your group events. The software comes with a bonus designed to assist you with details you need to set a mastermind group and get off its feet.

The MindMint Software and The Knowledge Business Blueprint course can help you track your achievements and guide you in what next to undertake to enjoy even higher profits. And if you want to be a good leader of a group, the programs provide you with a winning formula.

Since this is the prototype program, the chances are high that it will continue growing and providing many more features to increase the rates of success even more. It does not matter whether you are entirely new to masterminds or you an expert. The software and the course spans all the skill and knowledge levels to guarantee everyone success.

Who Is This Product Created For?

Are you wondering whether this mastermind software is for you? And if not you, who? It’s not wise to get into something blindly merely because someone has said its great or it’s what you need. You must evaluate the features yourself to see if they concur with what your business model is like.

We can say with confidence that MindMint software and KBB course are for masterminds who are interested in seeing their investment have an impact on the society and getting the maximum gains from their investment. Since you are reading this MindMint review, we will assume you are such a person.

Since Napoleon Hill came up with the idea in 1925, masterminds have been growing in number each year as people realize they can achieve and even exceed their financial goals. The people who have made it with masterminds all say the keys to success are getting the right people and using the proper process.

You can find brilliant people to include in your group. But if you do not have the right strategy, your efforts can prove futile. Similarly, you cannot think you’ll get any success if you have the right approach but lack the right individuals with whom to share your development agendas.

MindMint software and the course may help you not only come up with the right people for your mastermind group but also the right processes to apply to enjoy success. The system also allows you to make money by facilitating a mastermind for someone else.

We could then say the product was created for everyone who has an interest in masterminds whether their own groups or earning by way of a mastermind. In a world where needs exceed income, getting a way to make extra money is an attractive proposal.

Possible Pros and cons of the MindMint software and KBB Course

Knowledge Business Blueprint Pros & Cons


  • Tony, Dean and Russel have 75+ Years Of Wisdom
  • Life Changing Training
  • Makes running mastermind groups easy and rewarding
  • Helps mastermind groups to be impactful and highly profitable
  • Makes it possible to automate the work of masterminds
  • Excellent for both beginners and expert masterminds
  • Offers a single system that consolidates everything to ease logistics


  • Other than the cost of $2000 we can’t find any other con.

Final Verdict

For years, the logistics associated with running a mastermind group have been hectic and many often overwhelming. However, The Knowledge Business Blueprint and MindMint software could take all that away. In case the program works as the proponents say, it could be the largest and the best breakthrough for masterminds.

How would you like to run a successful mastermind effortlessly? It’s time to try the software plus the course. We hope this in-depth MindMint software review has given you enough insight to help you with decision making. Take the liberty of checking the official site to learn more if you need more information before you can decide.






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